Baptist view on teen dating

28-Nov-2017 00:19

I use social media and believe, managed properly it is a great tool, as well as a way to stay connected.

I have been greatly encouraged through it as well as humbled at times.

Recently at r12 (our high school worship service) we discussed the impact of social media/technology on Christian teens.

We talked about the dangers of social media for teens; the problems with selfies, and the drama the “likes” create.

The Southern Baptist Convention used to tell couples to wait until they reach financial stability, said Jon Akin, pastor of Fairview Church in Lebanon, Tenn."What we've communicated to our young people is finances are more important than sexual sin, and the Bible seems to say the exact opposite of that."Now, the denomination is emphasizing practical and theological reasons to marry younger.Marriage helps keep young people from sexual sin in the midst of their sexual maturity, Akin said, and helps them fulfill God's design for men and women as complementary beings.That makes it easier to make marriage a foundation for a good life rather than a capstone to one, Baptists say."The covenant foundation of marriage says, 'Even if my bank account is empty, this person is going to be there,' " said Chris Martin.

The denomination has always believed that marriage is fundamental to a just, healthy and happy society.Akin and his congregation talk about sex and marriage at least once a month, both in Sunday worship services and small-group discussions.