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Yannick Bisson: We walked to the very end, the last row of buildings, and it was the graduate area, and the very last classroom had our names on it, and we were just completely floored. And it was sort of a strange moment for me because I never got to finish school, and here our names are on graduating class doors. And just being able to help other people to reach that goal, it means so much to me. There are the high times, the engagement and finding the dress and the emotion that came with that …

But then there's a confrontation with yourself, of your age, the passage of your time with your large markers and I would be lying if I said I'm not going through a lot right now, physically, emotionally, mentally and not just because of the wedding, but just the place that I'm at in life … So I'm sort of trying to keep myself in check and stay focused on the things that I'm grateful for, and then I'll be there on the day to give her away.

Not many people know this, but we were separated at the 16- or 17-year mark of our marriage.

We had close to a one-year separation where we weren't living together even.

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Yannick Bisson: I used to stage murder scenes for my mom to come home to. She would just laugh so much she'd start crying and would drive me crazy.Me dead, with blood everywhere, and she never bought it., Sergio Leone sort of spaghetti Westerns, some sci-fi.