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This class, along with the class definition in the code file, and system generated code, together make the executable code (assembly) that processes all posted data, generates response, and sends it back to the client.

At run-time, the content file is parsed and transformed into a page class.

The basic syntax of Assembly directive is: The Import directive imports a namespace into a web page, user control page of application.

If the Import directive is specified in the file, then it is applied to the entire application.

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They are specifically converted to a server control by adding the attribute runat="server" and adding an id attribute to make them available for server-side processing.

By default, Visual Studio creates an event handler by including a Handles clause on the Sub procedure. To set it differently you must create a list item object and then add that item to the collection.

This clause names the control and event that the procedure handles. Some events are not posted back to the server immediately, these are called non-postback events. The nonpostback events could be made to post back immediately by setting their Auto Post Back property to true. The List Item Collection Editor is used to add item to a drop-down list or list box. To display the collection editor, select edit item from the smart tag menu, or select the control and then click the ellipsis button from the Item property in the properties window.

The HTML controls such as the header tags, anchor tags, and input elements are not processed by the server but are sent to the browser for display.

Linq; namespace eventdemo Execute the page to see the effects. The HTML server controls are basically the standard HTML controls enhanced to enable server side processing. If you want to display text that does not change, you use the literal text.

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