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I’m so sorry for being a nasty prick but i cant help it! Am unemployed; have no friends; live with me parents; my only means of transport is an old skate board; & i buys me clothes from Lowes. These pretty little mittens are the perfect accessory for any winter ensemble.They fit ladies, young adults, and teens’ hands nicely.If you step back and see that much of what goes on has nothing to do with you, it can free you from this trap of over-personalizing, which leads to suffering.” Don’t ‘need’ – want “We all want to be liked. Problems arise when we start needing it- when we cannot function without it.“Mentally strong people want everything everyone else on this planet wants. I’ve been posting mean spirited comments under various aliases like Fly Swatter, RZ, LZ, Pal, ? I got nuttin betta to do except bat my little frankfurt all day & night.

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Just in case you havent realised, i’m being SARCASTIC, Pal aka Jamie aka a thousand other names.i then cast on 3 stitches over needle and pc of yarn and continue to knit around.Then knit about 27 rows or until you get about 5 3/4" To narrow or decrease k 4, k2tg, repeat to end of row k 3 rows k 3, k2tg, repeat to end of row k 2 rows k 2, k2tg, repeat to end of row k 1 row k 1, k2tg, repeat to end of row k 1 row k2tg, repeat leaving 6sts draw end of yarn thru the 6 sts and pull inside and finish off.Mentally strong people will keep their eye on the prize, and won’t let their need for instant gratification or the approval of others get in the way of what they really want.

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Find your motivation “Viktor Frankl endured the terrors of the concentration camps in World War II, only to return home and find that he had lost his wife and family.Knit up a pair and take them to your next office gift exchange and listen to the oohs and ahhs!