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24-Oct-2017 15:25

"It just so happened she was the closest one and she's cute," he said, noting that the app told him she was less than 1,000 feet away.

Scott and Amanda exchanged instant messages through the app. She also liked the Ninja Turtles hat he wore in his profile picture. I really wasn't," Amanda said of her willingness to search out a person to date.

"You can engage with people, you can chat, you can wink and flirt and then help out with extra tools." Some relationship coaches, however, question whether the GPS dating apps are anything more than a fad.

Many women are unlikely to use such apps because they may feel threatened by notes from strangers who know more or less where they are, said Arthur Malov, a dating coach in New York City.

Skout, which has become one of the leaders in the space, boasts more than 1 million users, and the average age is somewhere between 24 and 25, said Christian Wiklund, Skout's founder and CEO.

The idea also has found unique traction in the gay community.

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On these apps, users keep minimal profiles -- much less detailed than those you see on Facebook or My Space.

The main bits of information users are given about each other are photos, which are featured prominently, and locations, which usually are listed in the number of feet between you and the person whose profile you're searching.

While some dating experts express alarm at the idea of people giving out their relative locations to strangers, the trend of GPS-enabled dating appears to be increasing in popularity among young twentysomethings.

If a person is listed as zero feet away, for instance, you might glance up from your seat at a coffee shop to see that person hanging out across the room.

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The apps tend not to say exactly where a person is located, and, on Skout and Grindr, you can turn off the location-aware feature if you choose.The idea that single people would need ways to identify themselves as approachable has an analog precedent, Malov said.

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