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Currently on the rise again with the recently reshuffled DK, Burning shares with Gosu Gamers his recollection of the past year with DK. I failed my Slithereen Crushes so many times that game. *laughs* Anyway, you have a wealth of experience playing professionally yourself, from 7L to EHOME to DK.From your experience, what is the toughest part about being a professional gamer in China?In my opinion, to be a good carry player, you need to possess the following qualities: map awareness, including being able to evade ganks, and understanding your role in teamfights (whether you should build more survivability or pump your farm into doing damage).You also need to understand the rationale behind your item builds, which is fluid in itself, and you need to know how to adapt your build as the game progresses." And yourself - what would you say are your strengths and weaknesses as a carry player? =.= If I have to list out my strengths and weaknesses, well, here goes: I think my strength is that I don’t have any weaknesses and my weakness is that I don’t have any strengths.

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In the worst scenario, I wasn’t even given a salary and paying for my own meals each day became an issue - but I persevered.Oh, our club will sometimes take us our for Karaoke sessions or on vacations." Team DK is currently three fifth of EHOME 2010. -"At The International, you could see that Na`Vi was behind us in terms of their strength, but as defending champions from last year’s event, they were much better prepared emotionally to take the title compared to Chinese teams.